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The Embassy Series String Quartet

As the first Quartet in Residence of the Embassy Series in Washington, D.C, The Embassy Series String Quartet is devoted to the highest level of music making through diplomacy. The current members of the quartet, Nikita Borisevich (Russia), Luke Wedge (USA), Adelya Lindsay (Russia) and Jacques-Pierre Malan (South Africa), vow to carry forward the legacy of the Embassy Series, founded by Jerome Barry, to “bring people from different cultures together through chamber music.” In addition to working with the Embassies in Washington, D.C., the Embassy String Quartet also serves as the Quartet in Residence at the esteemed Virtuosi@Grace Chamber Music Series in Kilmarnock, North Virginia. They have performed at the Academy Art Museum, for the Bloomberg Foundation, on the Chapel Concert Series, Vantage Concerts, Jesuits Columbiere Residence, and the Baltimore Union Square Concert Series. The Embassy Quartet's mission is to use music to promote understanding and respect between cultures, crossing barriers and building bridges between people from different countries. We curate programs that spotlight the unique cultural heritages of global nations by using the universal language of music as a conduit for peace and camaraderie amongst all human beings.

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