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Jerome Barry, Director/Founder
Lisette Barry, Director of Sales

Public Relations Consultants:

Jan Du Plain
Bill N. Outlaw

Editorial Consultant

Gary Tischler

Staff Photographer:

Morris Simon (


Nancy Hull

Graphics Designer:

Robert Fredley, MBA

Board Of Directors:

Ian K. Portnoy, Esq., Chairman of the Board
Daniella Y. Taveau, Vice-President, MBA
Michael Sorrells, CPA, Treasurer
Alison B. Adler, Secretary
C. Naseer Ahmad
Aldo Bello
Anthony Dias, Esq.
Robert Fredley, MBA

Andrew Gelfuso
Adam Gronski

Shahin Mafi, Ph.D
Ozden Ochoa, Ph.D

Louis R. Reith, Ph.D
Angela Rowles, MBA
Joyce Hagel-Silverman

Ziona Tuchler
Anthony Woods

Strategy Consultant:

Jason L. Stern —


Jackson Wolf Pincus




 From December 2, 2015 at the Embassy of France, a stirring dedication to the victims of the terrorist acts in Paris.

The Embassy Series Presents, Pianist Nikolay Khozyainov at the Russian Ambassador's Residence.