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Archive for 2010

Embassy of Australia- Graham Ashton & Friends

The performers were highly talented, the music was delightful, and the organization of the program conjured up the Viennese term “mit Schlag.” It was the inevitable richness of riches.

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Concerts Cross Boundaries, Promote Understanding

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Iraqi Cultural Center Concert

By Gary Tischler, The Georgetowner  Outside, it was a typical American-style Friday night in Dupont Circle, restaurants and watering holes busy, couples and groups of people wandering up and down the streets, a mild fall-like weekend night, outdoor dining, indoor imbibing. In that scene, the outside of […]

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Soprano Explores Finnish Heritage and European Opera

By Cecelia Porter, The Washington Post The young Finnish soprano Meri Siirala has a lustrous voice supple enough for the delicate innuendos and intimate inflections of the solo song, yet also capable of projecting the dramatic vigor necessary for the opera house. On Friday she sang songs […]

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 From December 2, 2015 at the Embassy of France, a stirring dedication to the victims of the terrorist acts in Paris.

The Embassy Series Presents, Pianist Nikolay Khozyainov at the Russian Ambassador's Residence.